Ellie & Erie

Beautiful Gemstone bracelets

Gold beads and Lolite, Green Prehnite and gold beads, Aquamarine and white gold beads, Mother of pearl stars, aquamarine and white gold beads, Aquamarine Square and gold beads, Pink Cherry Quartz, gold beads, and gold heart charm, Gold beads, pink green tourmaline and agate.

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Pearls, glass beads , dyed jade and gold shell charm
Amethyst, Botswana Agate and gold bracelets

Beautiful bracelets to adorn your wrist.

Amethyst, heart charm and star charm
Amethyst, pearls, white gold/gold beads and Botswana Agate bracelets
Rock candy quartz
Agate and gold rondelle


Pearls, Amethyst chips, Amethyst beads, Opalite, and Lolite
Gems, Gems, Gems….

Pearls, Amethsyt chips, and gold beads. Amethyst chips and white gold beads. Amethyst beads and gold beads. Lolite beads and Opalite hearts. Amethyst beads and gold heart charm.

Have my eyes on you

Blue Glass beads and gold beads

Evil Eye

The wearer as supersition has it will be is supernatural belief in a curse, brought about by a malevolent glare. The evil eye dates back 5,000 years ago.


Glass beads, gold beads, and round amethyst
Volcanic rock and agate
Beautiful Botswana agate and silver beads

Come and view all the beautiful handmade bracelets to adorn your body and soul.

Lapis Lazuli beaded bracelet